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Anyone else feel the same?

2012-02-10 02:14:46 by Emazizing

Im not to sure what it is but whatever I Draw, Animate, Produce or Edit, I just can't seem to like? Is this normal for other people out there as well, I just can't find the inspiration to go on with a lot of ideas simply because I don't end up liking them. :\


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2012-02-10 02:25:34

I was in the same block just recently, bro. Couldn't produce anything that I liked, wanted to continue, etc, etc. I couldn't stand it. Lasted a good couple of months.

I'm kinda out of the funk now, though. I stepped back a bit in my music production to my trance roots. I'm pretty much where I left off all those months ago, but it's better than where I was in that stupid block.

It may be different for you, but this is so far working for me. Hope you find what you need to get out of it, bro. :)


2012-02-10 03:11:44

Dude I know what you mean. I find I get onto a decent idea spontaneously from just, conversations with friends, I then start and save the damn thing after a few hours work, wait a few days, go back to it and find myself confused and de-motivated by the task of de-ciphering it all and continuing on! So nothing ever gets finished. 3:


2012-02-10 03:37:03

I always end up making something, think to myself that it's awful or not worth continuing, and abandon it.

Then I repeat the process.


2012-02-10 04:35:25

everyone gets creative blocks at some level of magnitude and at one time or another

i've been in one for two years -_-


2012-02-10 18:04:45

I know that feel bro. Luckily I get told what to draw most of the time these days...